St. George Jacobite Church
4731 15th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98105


Sunday, Sep 21
Morning Prayer at  9:30 AM
Holy Qurbana at 10:00 AM
Celebrant:Rev. Fr. Alias Aramath
Sunday School at 12:00 PM

Sunday, Oct 5
[St. Basil Perunnal]
Morning Prayer at  9:30 AM
Holy Qurbana at 10:00 AM
Procession       at 11:30 AM
Benediction      at 11:45 AM
Feast              at 12:00 PM
Celebrant:Rev. Fr. John Joseph

Sunday, Oct 19
Holy Qurbana at 10:00 AM
Celebrant:Rev. Fr. Alias Aramath

~ Welcome to St George Church, Seattle ~


Warm welcome to St.George Church Seattle's Website. Our church is under the administration of Malankara Jacobite Syriac Orthodox Church's American Diocese, a non-profit religious organization incorporated in the State of New York, U.S.A. St. George Jacobite Church was formed at Seattle on December 27, 2009 when our diocesan metropolitan HE Mor Titus Yeldho celebrated the first Holy Qurbana. In forming this parish our goals are to hold Holy Qurbana regularly and conduct Sunday School program as well as Youth group meetings and prayer meetings to formulate a growth and understanding of our faith and foundation for the younger generation.

History: From 1960's, a considerable number of people from India, especially from the South Indian State of Kerala migrated and settled down in North America. Many of them were Malankara (The word Malankara derives from the name of the island of Maliankara near Muziris in Kerala, which according to tradition was the first place St. Thomas the Apostle landed in India in AD 52) Jacobite Christians who followed the Syrian Christian faith, maintaining the distinct identity and ancient traditions of Syrian Orthodox Church. The first Malankara Parish in America was formed in the year 1975.

Spiritual Organizations:

Sunday School     Women's League    Youth Group

Prayers & Songs:

Morning Prayer : Evening Prayer : Holy Week Prayers : Holy Qurbana Service